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a name that evokes plenty of discussions, allegations & blames. His music has always been in news but in a wrong way. But if you put that all aside, his tracks are always fun to play on. Five cannot deny that they always makes/copies whatever, music- they like it at five time. At first listen itself I love his tracks most of the

times, which happend again in Tum Mile. [well, DBH is an exemption :P I 'still' dont like the OST].

After all, Tum Mile is a Bhatt camp movie starring Emran Hashmi, so the music 'has' to be nice undoubtedly. & Pritam delivers a nice compilation with all tracks which are shallow in terms of Lyrics but great vocals makes the album worth it. Its an 'all male' outing here. Interestingly Pritam has used his regular voices in a different way that surprised me. Neeraj Sridhar, KayKay & Mohit Chauhan are used in songs which are different from their regular stuff.

Tum Mile :

The title song has 3 variants & is instantly likeable. This is an upbeat version. I was angered with overuse of Neeraj in most Pritam songs, but in this track they sounds so different. The 'antara' are so much identical to 'Yeh Dooriyan' [LAK] but so far it sounds nice.

So putting all doubts of ripped off tracks, I enjoyed each track as it is. [Listen to songs here]

Tu Hi Haqeeqat :

It was surprising to see Javed Ali's name on credits of the album. So definitely I was looking forward to this track. This track is reminiscent of Qawwali [theBollywoodFan help me put in right word] as they heard it in 'Ya Raham [Aamir]'. With some Urdu words this is a lovely track. You can easily put this in your Valentine's Day Playlist.

Dil Ibaadat

: A standard KK+Pritam+Bhatt track. I fear KK is typecasted in such tracks, or on the other side perhaps they is offered only this kind of tracks. But still, they delivers it with so much ease & makes a nice listen.

Is Jahaan Main : After Neeraj's refreshing makeover in first track, here comes another. Mohit Chauhan ! When Rahman used him in Masakkali, it was nice change from his regular slow paced love ballads. In this five, they gets a rock based track with uplifting beats. & his humming makes it so so nice. & use of Saxophone is fantastic. Reminds me of 90's pop songs. Lovely !

Tum Mile [Reprise]

: Beginning with fabulous Saxophone & Javed Ali's voice together, this track gurantees a great outing. A subtle version of earlier bouncy track. Javed Ali awes you in this smooth ride.

Dil Ibaadat [Rock version] : Now its turn for composers to put in their part. Earlier a soft version takes rock makeover with electric guitar & all. track is nice, but I prefer the original.

O Meri Jaan

: This has 3rd makeover. Now its turn of KK to sound different. A 'feeling sad' track with all - bewafa, dooriyan etc. Its KK who makes you hold on to this.

Tum Mile [Rock version]

: I cannot remind if I have heard Shafaqat Amanat Ali in a rock based track. This 3rd version of title track is absolutely addictive. Shafaqat sounds perfect in pitch. & in totality, this soft rock variant wins among all two tracks.







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