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Skinned Alive (2008) 

In the heart of New York City, men are dying in violent ways. They are being torn up & ripped apart...and eaten. The only connection is that they all die after hiring a prostitute. & searching for love in this city is Jeffrey...Jeffrey is a mournful & lonely man. They hates his job, they hates his life & all they wants is a woman to shower with love & affection. Socially awkward & fearing rejection, Jeffrey finds his companionship with hookers. In a odd twist of fate, Jeffrey hires this hooker & instantly they fall madly in love. Now they has to find out how much they is willing to accept in the name of true love...She is feeding on the men of New York City...and there is a lunatic that is hunting her down...and caught in the middle is Jeffrey, who only wanted to love & be loved.


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