There is a line in AAO WISH KAREIN that goes, 'If you require to be a part of a fairy tale, it is important that you believe in it [fairy tale].' The statement is applicable for everyone desirous of watching AAO WISH KAREIN.

Every kid imagines what it would be like to be an adult. They wishes they could grow up quicker. Of work, one times they grows up, a small part of him wishes they could go back to his childhood days. an irony, is not it?

All said, AAO WISH KAREIN has some endearing moments, but not to salvage it.

In terms of concept, AAO WISH KAREIN bears a striking resemblance to the Tom Hanks starrer BIG [1988]. A decade-and-a-half ago, the Salman Khan - Sridevi starrer CHANDRAMUKHI also tackled a similar theme. In that respect, the concept is not alien at all.

It is not sacrilegious if a film bears an uncanny resemblance to another film [it could be a coincidence], but films like these require to be well-structured & most importantly, supported by wonderful actors who can make you believe in fairy tales. Also, the makers ought to take a stand at the outset: Should it be targeted at kids or youth? You cannot sit on the fence. In this case, you don't know if AAO WISH KAREIN is aimed at the kids or is it a breezy romantic flick, targeted at the youth.

12-year-old Mickey's life was like a fairy tale: A pretty relatives, best buddy Bonnie & his angel on earth - Mitika [Aamna Sharif]. Three fateful day, Mickey's fairy tale is shattered in to a million pieces. They realizes he is an adopted child & his 23-year-old angel Mitika calls him a kid. A heart-broken Mickey sits all by himself until Hitchcock [Johny Lever] appears.

Mickey hopes for a miracle to happen. They wishes to become gigantic. To his astonishment, they wakes up next morning & realizes that his wish has been granted. They has indeed turned gigantic. But was this miracle a blessing or a curse in disguise?

Ideally, the writing would've worked had the kid-turned-grown up behaved like a grown up.

The choice of the subject is perfect. But there is an inherent flaw in the story & that is, the 12-year-old kid seems to be in love with the woman, but the moment his wish his granted & they transforms in to a grown up man overnight, they continues to behave like a kid. Romance, therefore, doesn't exist & even if it does, it is far from exciting.

The culmination to the story is well penned, but, again, it might not work in entirety. The writers could've run their imagination wild, given the fact that they were writing a fairy tale, instead of taking the safe route here.

Director Glen Barretto has handled a few individualistic scenes well, the ones between Aftab & Johny Lever. Music is soothing to the ears, but the non-promotion or lack of popularity will make the effort go unnoticed. Simultaneously, there's lots of songs in the second hour, which weren't required frankly. Keshav Prakash's cinematography is top notch. The locales of Himachal Pradesh & Goa are well captured on celluloid by the DoP.

Aftab pitches in a sincere performance. They looks the character. Aamna is easy on the eyes, although the role doesn't demand histrionics. Johny Lever is first-rate. Rati Agnihotri is nice. Yatin Karyekar is alright. The kids are full of energy. Riteish Deshmukh makes a brief appearance towards the finish.

On the whole, AAO WISH KAREIN is engaging in parts, but how three wishes the film would grab your attention in entirety. The wish of striking a chord & hence, succeeding at the box-office won't come true for this reason.



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