Stompin Stu 2009 DVD video in direct link download

Bonus features of the DVD include: Stu's attic, Stu on jumping cars, The history of the Motomag by Skip Hess, Pool & Sharks Hoody Hoo, The Duke of Oakley, The history of Redline by Linn Kastan, Stu's signature STR-1 Bicycle, East vs. West and the History of the Redline

BMX is beginning to get elderly to bring out history pieces like the Stompin' Stu DVD. John Swarr and Mark Eaton, producers of the award winning Joe Kid on a Stingray movie, decided it was time for BMX legend Stu Thomson to get his own version of it, focused on himself. Now Stu Thomson is an icon in BMX but there were seldom any crazy stories around the man. He was a professional BMX racer in pure form. Did not blow his winnings on drugs and fancy cars and telling from the crib he lives in currently, he invested it well. But there is life after BMX and Stu became a Sherriff. But we are not going to give away all the nice stuff from the documentary, you better receive a copy for yourself. Parano Garage has them in stock so hit them up.

flight crank. A must see.


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