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Apparently “Unstoppable” won’t be “Star Trek” star Chris Pine’s first movie post-”Trek” after all: they actually has a new movie coming out later this year called “Carriers”, which from the sounds of it appears to be very “28 Days Later”-ish, minus the sunlight fearing maniacs & R-rated blood & violence, as “Carriers” is coming to you as a PG-13 movie. Also, Chris Pine fans should be warned: it doesn’t look like Pine is the star of the movie, & if anything will probably die a terrible & painful death, being one of those alpha male types who does very, very bad things to survive.

The film has apparently been around for a while, before Pine shot to stardom in J.J. Abrams’ “Star Trek” reboot, but is now getting a release date thanks in no tiny part to Pine’s popularity. How do you know it’s been around? Well, the main plot of the movie is bird flu (though the official plot synopsis below never actually calls it that by name, the trailer that showed up last year (also below) does), & that panic died down what, a year or three ago? Looks like they’re going to have to do some fancy editing in post-production to make the film feel less late to the party.


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